Innovation Graduate Certificates

The objective for any business is to sustain and grow their activities.

The world is changing at a fast pace. It is not only about meeting the increasing demand to adapt to change, but to propose new ways of approaching combinations of transformations. Successful companies are not the ones following a change process, but those that generate and lead change through innovation.

These Innovation Certificates designed by The Institute for Knowledge and Innovation Management in alignment with our MBI program, aims to prepare the innovation champions to support companies, your company.

Innovation Strategy

This certificate aims to train your managers to better plan the advancement of your organization in its technology, products / services and to ensure the future performance of your company against competitors. Innovative management and new operational procedures developed in high-tech businesses are acquired through real project-based learning.

Innovation Management

This certificate aims to improve the ability of your managers to adopt the practices best adapted to optimize the transformation of ideas into concrete valuable realizations. They will learn through real projects how to invest in creating new opportunities to generate customer value.

Innovative Marketing

This certificate aims to give your managers new methods to help them optimize the product design or packaging, the product placement, promotion or pricing. They will be trained to better involve your customers in the products/services development of your company.

Technology Driven Innovation

This certificate aims to initiate your manager to new innovation concepts and techniques that allow better combination of existing knowledge and corporate technologies.

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