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Career Opportunities

Our MBI program aligns the different innovation logics and innovation types deployed by firms to reach their strategic goals. Our MBI program will prepare professionals to hold the position of leaders of innovation operating in the fields of:

Marketing Innovation:

Innovative brand / product management; inventive integration of customer needs; anticipation of product / market adequacy evolution.

Innovation Architecture:

Design and optimization of organizational innovation process; bridging the enterprise business model and strategy with the business functionality through innovation management.

Innovation Project Management / Innovation Management Consultant:

Project management methods applied in products, services and process development,...

Business Development:

Start-up management; community / network development; business ecosystem creation and expansion management.

Management in Innovation Centers and Technology Centers:

Identification, selection and management of innovators & entrepreneurs within incubators or technology transfer centers.

Human Resource Development:

Creating a culture of creativity and innovation, soft skills enhancement,  continuous development.

Organizational Strategy:

Optimization of the adequacy between structural organization and innovation logics from a strategic goal perspective,...

Social Innovation

Bringing new ideas that simultaneously meet social needs and create new social relationships or collaborations,...

Service Innovation:

Customers / service adequacy improvement; two-sided multi-sized markets development; new service creation; product enhancement by service development, customer service oriented strategy,...

Intrapreneur / Innovation Champion:

An intrapreneur, which can be defined as an employee who is given freedom, materials and financial support to develop new products, services, processes or technology, without following formal routines or protocols), an innovation facilitator, an innovation coach, a mentor, a innovators community leader, an entrepreneur.

Our MBI program is designed to answer both regular education as well as continuing education needs. It can be specialized to meet the needs of a particular industry (contact us for more information). Executive training and certificates in the field of innovation are also available.