Top Expected skills between 2015 and 2020

Critical Thinking & Creativity in 2nd and 3rd position for most wanted Skills in 2020!

The 21st century is characterized by challenges that are unique in the history of humankind. Technological advances and social developments, together with a high level of interconnectedness due to globalization and collaborative technologies are dramatically changing world dynamics.

Change is happening faster, in a more complex manner, and it occurs at a more profound level.
Therefore, predicting change is becoming increasingly difficult. As a result, management responsibilities have never been as demanding as they are today. Tomorrow’s leading executives and managers will have to combine knowledge (tacit & explicit2) and expertise (know-how & know-that3) in their innovation strategy and adapt their managerial style to overcome these challenges (Polanyi, 1966; Huerta de Soto, 2008). Organizational and analytical competences will not suffice for the challenges of tomorrow and soft skills will become more and more important in order to continually improve the dynamic capabilities of managers.

Tomorrow’s leading executives and managers will need to be pro-active innovators with the vision and influence to create opportunities; they will possess highly developed social and intercultural skills; they will not remain passive in the face of change, but actively shape organizations and lead the company into the future; they will think and act as entrepreneurs.