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Project-Based Learning

In our MBI Program, Project-Based Learning (PBL) is promoted as a mean of acquiring knowledge, facilitating critical thinking, enhancing communication, developing curiosity, creativity and, as such, favors inter-personal exchanges.

" This pedagogical approach relies upon complex tasks, based on challenging questions or problems, that involve students in design, problem-solving, decision making, or investigative activities. This approach give students the opportunity to work relatively autonomously over extended periods of time; and culminate in realistic products or presentations."

(Thomas, 2000)

The Project-Based Learning curriculum focuses on knowledge, core competencies and, soft skills development through concrete applications in project management.

"Project-Based Learning processes rely on the necessity for students to select and use more adapted knowledge and skills to identify the relevant issues in a specific situation and to solve problems. Through this process, students develop their own questions to drive learning, study concepts and information that answer those questions, and apply that knowledge to products they develop. In addition, Project-Based Learning encourages more rigorous learning since it requires students to take an active role in understanding concepts and content, and it enables them to develop 21st -century skills, which foster an enduring curiosity and hunger for knowledge. Since students are able to apply classroom content to real-life phenomena, Project-Based Learning also facilitates career exploration, technology use, student engagement, community connections, and content relevancy."

(Bradley-Levine & Mosier, 2014, p.117).

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